Sunday, January 9, 2011

करोगे याद तो

Song: Karoge yaad to
Movie: Baazar (1982)
Songer: Bhupinder
Lyricist: Bashar Nawaz
Music: Khayyam

Karoge Yaad To Har Baat Yaad Aayegi
Guzarte Waqt Ki Har Mauj Thehar Jayegi

Yeh Chand Beete Zamanon Ka Aaina Hoga
Bhatakte Abr Mein Chehra Koi Bana Hoga
Udaas Raah Koi Dastaan Sunayegi

Barasta Bheegta Mausam Dhuan - Dhuan Hoga
Pighalti Shammon Pe Dil Ka Mere Guma Hoga
Hatheliyon Ki Heena Yaad Kuchh Dilayegi

Gali Ke Modh Pe Soona Sa Koi Darwaaza
Tarasti Aankhon Se Rasta Kisika Dekhega
Nigaah Door Talak Jaake Laut Aayegi


If you try to remember, every thought will come to you
Every ecstasy of the passing time will come to a standstill

This moon will be the mirror of the bygone days
In the wandering clouds it would have assumed some face
The depressed path will relate some story

The pouring wet weather will turn into smoke
On melting flames shall rest the doubts of my heart
The patterns on the palms of her hands will bring in some memories

At the corner of the lane stands some desolate door
With craving eyes it will gaze at somebody's path
The gaze will go to the limit and then will return

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