Tuesday, January 4, 2011

याद न जाए

Song: Yaad na jaaye
Movie: Dil ek mandir (1963)
Singer: Mohd. Rafi
Lyrics: Shailendra
Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Yaad na jaaye beete dino ki
Jaa ke na aaye jo din
Dil kyun bhulaaye unhe
Dil kyun bhulaaye

Din jo pakheroo hote
Pinjre mein main rakh leta
Paalta unko jatan se
Paalta unko jatan se
Moti ke daane deta
Seene se rehta lagaaye

Tasveer unki chhupa ke
Rakh doon jahan jee chaahe
Man mein basi ye moorat
Man mein basi ye moorat
Lekin mite na mitaaye
Kehne ko hain wo paraaye

Memories of bygone days  don't forsake me
Why should the heart forget
The days gone past,
Days that will never return?

If the day were a bird,
I would place it in a cage,
Endeavour to nurture it ,
Feed it with tidbits of pearls
Hold it close to my bosom

I would hide her picture
And keep it wherever I wish
However hard I try, I can't
Erase the idol in my mind
Though she belongs to someone else.

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