Friday, January 28, 2011

मुझे तुम से कुछ

Song: Mujhe tum se kuchh bhi na chaahiye
Movie: Kanhaiya (1959)
Singer: Mukesh
Lyrics: Shailendra
Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Mujhe tum se kuchh bhi na chaahiye
Mujhe mere haal pe chhod do (2),
Mera dil agar koi dil nahi
Use mere saamne tod do (2)

Main yeh bhool jaaoonga zindagi
Kabhi muskuraayi thhi pyaar mein
Main yeh bhool jaaoonga mera dil
Kabhi khil utha thha bahaar mein

Jinhe is jahaan ne bhula diya
Mera naam un mein hi jod do (2)

Tumhein apna kahne ki chaah mein
Kabhi ho sake na kisi ke hum
Yahi dard mere jigar mein hain
Mujhe maar daalega bas yeh gham

Main woh gul hoon jo na khila kabhi
Mujhe na kyun na shaakh se tod do (2)

I don't need anything from you
Just leave me to my misery
If my heart's not a heart,
Destroy it before my very eyes

O life, I shall forget that
Some time I had smiled in love
I shall forget, o my heart
That once I had blossomed in spring

As for those who got forgotten by this world
Append my name to that miserable lot

In the desire to call you my own
I could never belong to anybody else
This biting pain stays in my heart
This heartache will end my life

I'm that bud that never bloomed
Why not pluck it off the branch?

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