Friday, January 7, 2011

फिर छिड़ी रात

Song      : Phir chhidi raat
Movie    : Baazaar (1982)
Singers  : Talat Aziz & Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics:   :Makhdoom Mohiuddin
Music     : Khayyam

ma: phir chhidi raat, baat phoolon ki
fe: raat hai ya baaraat phoolon ki

fe: phool ke haay phool ke gajre
shaam phoolon ki, raat phoolon ki

ma: aapka saath-saath phoolon ka
aapki baat baat phoolon ki

ma: nazrein milti hain jaam milte hain
mil rahi hai hayaat phoolon ki

ma/fe: ye mahakti hui ghazal makhdoom
jaise sahara mein raat phoolon ki


The night made mention again of flowers
Is this a night or a procession of blooms?

It's awesome, this flowery adornment,
An evening of blossoms, a night full of blossoms

You're in the company of flowers
And you confabulate just like them

Eyes meet together, so do winecups
So do meet the worlds of flowers

This fragrant melody, o Lord,
Is like a flowery night on a desert

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