Thursday, January 27, 2011

मौसम हे अशीकाना

Song: Mausam hain aashiqana
Movie: Pakeezah (1972)
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Kamal Amrohi
Music: Ghulam Mohammed

Mausam Hain Aashiqana
Aye Dil, Kahee Se Unko
Aise Mein Dhoondh Laanaa

Kahna Ke Rut Jawaa Hai,
Aaur Hum Taras Rahe Hain
Kaalee Ghataa Ke Saaye,
Birahan Ko Das Rahe Hain
Dar Hain Naa Maar Daale,
Saawan Ka Kyaa Thikaana

Sooraj Kahi Bhi Jaaye,
Tum Par Naa Dhoop Aaye
Tum Ko Pukaarte Hai,
In Gesuvon Ke Saaye
Aa Jaao Main Bana Doo,
Palakon Kaa Shaamiyaana

Firte Hain Hum Akele,
Baaho Mein Koi Lele
Aakhir Koi Kahan Tak
Tanhayiyon Se Khele
Din Ho Gaye Hain Zaalim
Raaten Hain Katilaanaa

Ye Raat Ye Khaamoshi,
Ye Khwaab Se Nazaare
Jugnoo Hain Yaa Zameen Par,
Uthre Huye Hain Taare
Bekhaab Mere Aankhen,
Madhosh Hain Zamaana

The season being alluring
O my heart, in these conditions
Please bring him to me

Tell him the weather is juvenescent
And that I'm yearning
The shadows of dark clouds
Are burying their fangs in me
I fear that might take my life
Who can predict the rains?

The sun might go anywhere
Yet I wish the scorching sunlight doesn't overcome you
Calling out to you is
This shade of my tresses
Come over, let me make
A tent out of my eyelashes

I wander about all alone
Hoping someone would take me in his arms
After all, to what extent will anybody
Flirt with loneliness?
The days have become cruel
And the nights murderous

This night, this silence,
This dream, this sight -
A firefly or a star
That has landed on earth?
Dreamless are my eyes
Intoxicated is this world

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