Tuesday, January 18, 2011

नैना बर से

Song: Naina barse rim jhim rim jhim
Movie: Woh Kaun Thhi (1964)
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
Music: Madan Mohan

naina Barse, Rim Jhim Rim Jhim
piya Tore Aawan Ki Aas

woh Din Meri Nigaahon Mein
woh Yaadein Meri Aahon Mein
yeh Dil Ab Tak Bhathakta Hai
teri Ulfat Ki Raahon Mein
sooni Sooni Raahein, Sehmi Sehmi Baahein
aankhon Mein Hain Barson Ki Pyaas

nazar Tujh Bin Machalti Hai
mohabbat Haath Malti Hai
chala Aa Mere Parwane
wafa Ki Shama Jalti Hai
o Mere Hamraahi, Phirti Hoon Ghabrayi
jahan Bhi Hai Aa Jaa Mere Paas

adhoora Hoon Main Afsana
jo Yaad Aaoon Chale Aana
mera Jo Haal Hai Tujh Bin
woh Aakar Dekhte Jaana
bheegi Bheegi Palkein, Chham Chham Aansoo Chhalkein
khoyi Khoyi Aankhen Hain Udaas

Yeh Laakhon Gham Yeh Tanhaayi
mohabbat Ki Yeh Ruswaayi
kati Aisi Kai Raatein
na Tum Aaye Na Maut Aayi
yeh Bindiya Ka Taara, Jaise Ho Angaara
mehndi Mere Haathon Ki Udaas

Tears rain from my eyes, drop by drop,
In the craving for your arrival

That day is in my sight
Those memories in my sighs
This heart has been wandering still
In the path of your love
Lonely streets, weakening arms
My eyes are filled with ages of thirst

Without you my gaze wavers
Love looks to have washed its hands off
Come by, my sweetheart,
The lamp of faith is still gleaming
O my soulmate, I wander around apprehensively
Wherever you are, come to me

I'm an incomplete story
When you remember me, come over
The state of me without you
Please appear and see for yourself
My wet eyelashes, tears dropping like pearls
The sadness in my eyes lost in your love

Oodles of sadness, and this loneliness
Together with this disgrace...
I spent a lot of nights like this
Neither you arrived nor death
The star of vermillion seemes like live coals
And the mehndi (mailaanchi) on my hands  is melancholic

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