Saturday, January 15, 2011

ज़रा सी आहत

Song: Zara si aahat hoti hain
Movie: Haqeeqat (1964)
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi
Music: Madan Mohan

zara si aahat hoti hai to dil sochta hai
kahin yeh woh to nahin (3)

chhup ke seene mein,
chhup ke seene mein koi jaise sada deta hai
shaam se pehle diya dil ka jala deta hai
hai usi ki yeh sada, hai usi ki yeh adaa
kahin yeh woh to nahin (3)

shakl phirti hai,
shakl phirti hai nigahon mein wohi pyaari si
meri nas nas mein machalne lagi chingari si
chhoo gayi jism mera, kiske daaman ki hawa
kahin yeh woh to nahin (3)

Whenever there's a slight sound,
My heart is given to think
Couldn't this be him?

Like someone hidden places a tone in the bosom
Lights up the lamp of the heart before dusk
This tone is his, this attribute is his,
Couldn't this be him?

His face wanders in my sight lovingly
And has begun to excite in my every vein like sparks
The breeze that touched my body, whom did it come from?
Couldn't this be him?

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