Tuesday, February 15, 2011

जलते हैं जिसके लिए

Song: Jalte hain jis ke liye
Movie: Sujatha (1959)
Singer: Talat Mehmood
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music: SD Burman

Jalte hain jiske liye, teri aakhon ke diye,
Dhoond laya hoon wohi geet main tere liye

Dard ban ke jo mere dil mein raha dhal na saka
Jadu ban ke teri aankhon mein ruka chal na saka
Aaj laya hun wohi geet main tere liye

Dil main rakh lena ise haathon se ye chhoote na kahin,
Geet naazuk hai mera sheeshe se bhi toote na kahin
Gungunaaoonga yehi geet main tere liye

Jab talak na yeh tere ras ke bhare honton se mile,
Yunhi aawara phirega yeh teri zulfon ke tale
Gaaye jaaoonga yehi geet main tere liye
That which the lamps of your eyes are burning for,
I've sought out for you that very same song

The one which lived in my heart as a pang, which never vanished;
Like magic it settled in your eyes, it couldn't move on
I've brought for you today the very same song

Keep it in your heart, don't let it slip away,
My song is more fragile than glass, let it not get shattered
I shall hum for you this very same song

Until and unless it meets your nectar filled lips,
It will wander about like a tramp beneath your tresses
T shall keep on singing for you this very same song

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