Sunday, February 13, 2011

आप यूँ ही अगर हम से मिलते रहे

Song: Aap yun hi agar hum se milte rahe
Movie: Ek musafir ek haseena (1962)
Singers: Mohd. Rafi & Asha Bhosle
Lyrics: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
Music: OP Nayyar

He: Aap Yun Hi Agar Hum Se Milte Rahe,
Dekhiye Ek Din Pyaar Ho Jaayega,
She: Aisi Baaten Na Kar O Haseen Jadugar,
Mera Dil Teri Aankhon Mein Kho Jaayega..

He: Peeche Peeche Mere Aap Aati Hai Kyon,
Meri Raahon Mein Aakhen Bichaati Hai Kyon,
Aap Aati Hai Kyon..
She: Kya Kahun Aap Se Yeh Bhi Ek Raaz Hai..
Ek Din Iska Izhaar Ho Jaayega..

He: Kaisi Jaadugari Ki Aare Jaadugar,
Tere Chehere Se Hatthi Nahin Yeh Nazar..
Hai..Meri Yeh Nazar..
She: Aisi Nazaron Se Dekha Agar Aap Ne
Sharam Se Rang Gulnaar Ho Jaayega..

He: Mein Mohobbat Ki Raahon Se Anjaan Hun,
Kya Kahun Kya Karun Mein Pareshan Hun..,
Hai... Pareshan Hun..
She: Aap Ki Yeh Pareshaaniyan Dekh Kar,
Mera Dil Bhi Pareshan Ho Jaayega..


He: If you keep on meeting me like this
One day it's going to turn into love
She: Don't say such things, o handsome wizard,
My heart will get lost in your eyes

He: Why do you keep following me?
Why have you set your eyes on my paths?
She: What shall I tell you, this is a secret,
One day it shall be disclosed

He: What magic have you done, o enchantress
That I can't take my eyes off your face?
She: If you view me in such a manner
Out of coyness, I shall turn crimson

He: I'm unfamiliar with the ways of love,
What shall I say, what do I do, I'm distraught
She: After seeing such an affliction in you,
My heart will also become distressed

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