Tuesday, December 28, 2010

यह ज़िन्दगी उसी की (अनारकली)

Song: Yeh zindagi usi ki hain
Movie: Anarkali (1953)
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Rajendra Krishan
Music: C. Ramachandra

yeh zindagi usi ki hai jo kisi ka ho gaya
pyaar hi mein kho gaya
yeh zindagi usi ki hai jo kisi ka ho gaya
pyaar hi mein kho gaya
yeh zindagi usi ki hain ...

yeh bahaar yeh sama keh raha pyaar kar
kisiki aarzoo mein apne dil ko beqarar kar
zindagi hai bewafa loot pyaar ka mazaa
yeh zindagi usi ki hai ...

dhadak raha hain dil to kya dil ki dhadkane na gin
phir kahaan yeh phursatein phir kahaan yeh raat din
aa rahi hain yeh sada mastiyon mein jhum jaa
yeh zindagi usi ki hain ...

do dil yahaan na mila sake, milenge us jahaan mein
khilenge hasaraton ke phul, maut ke aasman mein
ye zindagii chali gai jo pyar mein to kya huaa
ye zindagii ...

sunaa rahii hai daastaan, shamaa mere mazaara kii
fizaa mein bhii khil rahii, ye kalii anaara kii
ise mazaara mata kaho, ye mahala hai pyaara kaa
ye zindagii ...

ai zindagii ki shaama aa, tujhe gale lagaauun main
tujhii mein doob jaauun main
jahaan ko bhuula jaauun main
bas ik nazar mere sanam, alvidaa, alvidaa
alvidaa ...
alvidaa ...
alvidaa ...
alvidaa ...

This life belongs to the one
Who now belongs to another
And got lost in love....

This spring and this landscape
Ask me to love,
To make my heart pining
In the desire of the beloved,
Life is unfaithful,
Robs love of all gaiety

What if the heart throbs,
Don't count those throbs,
Where now the leisure,
Where now the day and night?
And here comes this echo that says,
Sway in sheer joy!

Two hearts couldn't unite here,
They will, in the other realm,
Flowers of longing will bloom
In the sky of death
What if this life is gone
In the name of love?

The extinguished flame is narrating
The saga of my grave
Even in this ambience blossoms
The pomgrenate flower
Don't call this a tomb,
For it's a monument of love.

O extinguished lamp of life,
Let me embrace you,
Let me be immersed in you,
Let me forget this world,
But just one glimpse
Of my sweetheart,
Farewell, farewell...............

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